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Frank is based in the Netherlands where he got infected by the ‘watch bug’, some 20 years ago. During his career as IT manager at the Dutch Ministry of Transport, he spent every evening, every lunch break, every weekend and all the holidays, learning about mechanical watches and subsequently he started writing about the watches that intrigued him most. In 2013 he was able to quit his job and focus full-time on MONOCHROME. Although Frank’s time is mostly spent on managing the company, he still writes the occasional story, interviews collectors and presents most of the MONOCHROME videos.

brice goulardBRICE GOULARD


Brice is based in Tours, France, and before becoming a full-time watch nerd he worked as an investment banker. For him, everything began with an old mechanical chronograph at the age of 15. Since that time, he manages to keep in touch with everything related to watches. Two main interests for Brice: vintage aviation chronographs and moon-phase watches as a collector and Haute Horology as a passion. He has a strong taste for aesthetics and loves the beauty of mechanics!

xavier marklXAVIER MARKL


Xavier became hooked on mechanical watches when he started working in the watch industry. In 1997 he began as Marketing Manager for Cartier, Vacheron Constantin and Panerai, and later became Marketing Director for Girard-Perregaux. A field of interest that was initially a professional necessity later turned into a horological obsession. Xavier knows the watch industry like the back of his hand. He started by writing Technical Guides for MONOCHROME before covering watches as well. Xavier lives and works in Switzerland.

robin nooij bwROBIN NOOIJ


Robin, based in the Netherlands, is a former bank manager and a huge watch-enthusiast. After writing for MONOCHROME, as a hobby, for more than 9 years, he decided to quit his job at the bank in favour of joining team MONOCHROME full-time. Robin’s passion for watches is undeniable, but he’s also a proper petrolhead and with the same passion he writes a weekly installment for our Petrolhead Corner. Besides writing, Robin manages the shop and our social media channels.



Rebecca has been a journalist specialising in watches and jewellery and she began writing for the Financial Times in Mexico City in the early 1980s. Formerly the web editor of Tiempo de Relojes website, and watch editor of The Jewellery Editor. Rebecca brings with her over thirty years of experience as a wordsmith and watches expert to her position as an editor at MONOCHROME.


Derek Haager is based in New York City and has had a watch on his wrist practically since birth. His love for horology began as a child with Casios and Swatches, before graduating to mechanical and non-plastic watches a bit later in life. Derek spends his days as a colourist for television and film and his nights as a watch enthusiast. An avid diver, his personal tastes skew towards dive and field watches, but he has a keen appreciation for pretty much anything with gears and springs.

Erik Slaven is based in Los Angeles, CA and has always been fascinated with mechanical movements. He disassembled dozens of old watches growing up just to see what makes them tick. His first serious mechanical watch was a high school graduation gift, a fairly unusual American-made watch and he’s since been a big enthusiast of lesser-known, more unique timepieces. Dive and sports watches are often his preference for daily wear, but that doesn’t stop him from seeking out a variety of both modern and vintage styles. He also has a passion for technology and has been reviewing smartphones, smartwatches and related tech for several years.

Santiago Tejedor lives in his hometown Madrid and has a BA in English Philology and a MBA. He has been writing about watches for several online publications, and in 2014 he founded, which has become the most important watch website in Spanish.

Tom Mulraney, editor for MONOCHROME, loves spending as much time as possible getting hands-on with high-end mechanical watches. Although passionate about all things horological, he is particularly fascinated by independent watchmakers, often travelling the globe for the chance to spend some time up close and personal with their breathtaking creations.

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