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My own Glashütte Sixties

calendar | ic_dehaze_black_24px By Frank Geelen | ic_query_builder_black_24px 1 min read |
Glashüte Uhren Betrieb - Seneator Sixties

As per request, here is my Glashütte! Glashütte? Yes, it is the ‘cold-war’ predecessor of what Glashütte Original is now-a-days. And connoisseurs will easily recognize the dial and especially the numerals on the dial.

The watch is 36mm in diameter and due to the pan pie dial and the domed plexi crystal it looks much larger. The dial looks quite good for it’s age and has a few age spots that often appear on older silver colored dials. The art deco numbers are just beautiful i think and they give the watch a distinct unique look.

Glashüte Uhren Betrieb - Seneator Sixties

The case is 20 microgram rose gold plated and after all this time it looks not worn down and in quite good condition. It could use a nice pollish to give it a little extra shine though. Inside the caliber 70.1 runs strong and keeps perfect time!

Next challenge will be to find a nice strap. I already ordered a black stingray strap, but i am open to suggestions. So mail me if you know what kind of strap makes this watch even more beautiful.

Glashüte Uhren Betrieb - Seneator Sixties

2 responses

  1. The best looking Glashütte Frank!
    Glashütte Sixties is amazing, the new series too, love that chrono too.

  2. Thanx Geo 🙂
    I agree with you on the new GO Senator Sixties, both the regular and the chronograph are very nice!

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